How is the Top 25 made up?

The Sound of Prog Top 25 tracks are made up of interactions between the editorial team and listeners/fans.

How do songs get into the Top 25?

New or different songs are added by the editors as soon as they are presented in the live programme “Sound of Prog Live on Air”. The last 5 places (21-25) are the “ejector seats” and are filled weekly, depending on the number of new songs to be entered. From there, listeners and fans can still vote for their favourites at the top. Whether a song is ultimately included in the Top 25 Tracks is up to the editors. Each song automatically leaves the Top 25 after 8 weeks.

Sorted out

Songs that have been sorted out can only be reinstated in the Top 25 if at least 20 independent requests in a row are received by the editors within 2 weeks (please use the application form).

Top 25 on air

The Top 25 tracks will run every Saturday from 06:00 pm. – approx. 10:00 p.m. (CET) from now on. It all starts at number 25 and possibly the Top Playlist starts again from the beginning if it is not yet 10 p.m. (some of the songs are so different in length that they add up to between 3 and 4 hours of music in total).

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