About us

“Sound of Prog” is an nonprofit-project* that has placed the focus on progressive rock in its self-imposed cultural mandate. The aim is to provide a platform for the preservation and dissemination of creative works from the past, present and future.

The editorial work is carried out entirely by the editors themselves and is not subject to any monetary subjectivity. In addition, bands and artists from the genre can introduce themselves to the editors via the application section.

“Sound of Prog” is a holistic concept which, in current cooperation with laut.ag, operates a 24/7 radio station whose programme is constantly being expanded. In addition to the static programmes (regularly updated rotation playlists by the curators), “Sound of Prog Live On Air” is currently not only the weekly highlight, but also the origin of the entire project. Further live broadcasts are planned.

In the course of the further development and expansion of the project, the artist- and listener-friendly website as well as all social media presences will be revitalised through well thought-out online marketing with target group-oriented traffic. Furthermore, “Sound of Prog” is building meaningful partnerships. The envisaged increase in awareness benefits not only the project itself, but also the visitors, listeners and the bands/artists involved: music is played daily and presented in the live broadcasts. The same happens on the website with the inclusion in the encyclopaedia including brief information on acts with reference to external purchasing possibilities.

*Note: “Sound of Prog” does not generate any income, expenses are privately financed by the organiser and the team works on a voluntary basis.

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