Tiger Moth TalesThe Turning Of The World
Album release 06. October 2023

The world does not stop …

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and radio host Pete Jones has finally finished a new work. The man operates, by the way, in top-class bands such as Camel, Cyan or Red Bazar skillfully the keyboard instruments, but always returns to his heart project. And we all know it under the name Tiger Moth Tales.

So far this project stood for progressive rock with intricate arrangements and concise keyboard solos. All self-recorded and produced of course. That there is much more to a creative mind than just a musical direction is understandable. So if you expect the above mentioned interplay of prog elements, the new album of Tiger Moth Tales called The Turning Of The World will surprise you. Because Pete leaves the Tiger in the cabinet this time and has given his Project Moth project a musical facelift – reflecting on the Tales that go hand in hand with the album tracks.

An engaging musical serenity runs like a red thread through the new album. The interested listener can expect a listening pleasure that is composed of the charm of a singer/songwriter with folk and latent smooth jazz influences. Songs such as “The Lock Keeper” are strongly reminding of the colorful doings of a Peter Gabriel. The lack of keyboard solos isn’t that noticeable, as Pete is a master of a lot of other instruments that are used here.

Lyrically, The Turning Of The World ponders and questions the goings-on and feelings of people. Partly in a critical, but also often encouraging way, which is typical for a Pete Jones. The artist proves time and again that he not only occupies a musical depth, but also a lyrical one.

One thing is certain: the new Tiger Moth Tales album is not something you should listen to on the side while cleaning up. You should take your time and listen to this musical journey. The Turning Of The World is artistically sophisticated and mature, and such a sophisticated work can only be expected from prog/art rock these days .. and from Pete Jones. (André Fedorow, Sound of Prog)



The Turning Of The World

Track Listing

01. The Getaway
02. The Turning Of The World
03. So Wonderful To Be Alive
04. The Snail, The Horse And The River
05. Try
06. We’ll Remember
07. Pass It On
08. The Beautiful People Of Münchwald
09. You Reached For My Hand
10. The Lock Keeper
11. Make A Good Sound
12. All I Need Today

All music and lyrics written, recorded and produced by Pete Jones

Personnel: The Turning Of The World
Pete Jones: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion Melodica, Whistles, Saxophone and Zither.
Robert Reed: Backing Vocals on We’ll Remember
Christina Booth: Backing Vocals on We’ll Remember

Playing tips: “Try”, “Pass It On”, “The Beautiful People Of Münchwald”

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