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That one album by The Cryptex is never the same as another should be known to everyone who is halfway familiar with this band. Every new release is a surprise package for fans and new discoverers. So is “Nimbus”, the latest work from Dr. Moskon & his progressive practice team.

After the exceptional debut “Good Morning How Did You Live?” and the worthy follow-up “Madeleine Effect”, it became clear with the subsequent long player “Once Upon A Time” that The Cryptex are developing an ever stronger inclination towards heavier songs. The current album “Nimbus” takes this to the extreme and focuses primarily on riff-based songwriting. The result is that the album shows the uncompromisingly hard side of the band – and that’s where opinions differ.

Some people cheer the current style of this combo – primarily the metal/hard rock influenced publications and fans and others miss the pompous-artful arrangement, presented by frontman Simon and his band mates Andre, David & Markus. Instead, Moskon growls his way through the song passages on songs like “Cobra”, but then lets his golden throat come through again and again. For fans of “Madeleine Effect” this will take some getting used to.

But … if you listen closely, you will realise that everything is still the same, just different. The band is still on a high compositional and technical level, despite the excessive heaviness. Those who find the brachial guitars too much, however, will get their money’s worth with songs like “Backdoor Lover” or “Devlis Casino”, where The Cryptex return to more bombastic art rock songwriting. The heavier tracks do have their charm (see the recommended songs below).

Heavy or not, with this band you should never make the mistake of always expecting the same thing, except quality in composition, performance and production. This is exactly what has always made the great bands so great. For example, Genesis were the pioneers of prog rock. Almost every album sounded different, even in their most commercial phase they always surprised again. And that’s exactly what The Cryptex do, joining the ranks of the best bands of our time.

Personnel on „Nimbus“
Simon Moskon – Piano / Vocals
André-Jean-Henri Mertens – Guitar / Backing Vocals
David Silesu – Bass / Backing Vocals
Markus Kleiner – Drums / Percussions

Playing tips hard songs: Cobra, Fall Down, Nimbus
Playing tips: Backdoor Lover, Devils Casino, Son Of Fortune, Nevermore Creek

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