PreHistoric Animals – Finding Love In Strange Places
Release date: May 16th, 2024

What happens when you love classic progressive rock, alternative rock and brilliant pop music? You make it very hard for yourself….. but despite that, PreHistoric Animals have gained huge success in all these areas. When they released their second album, The Magical Mystery Machine (chapter 1), they were praised by both the audience and the reviewers. Samuel Granath and Stefan Altzar created the first album – Consider it a work of art in 2018 and when it was time for touring, Noah Magnusson and Daniel Magdic (Ex. Pain of Salvation) joined the band.

The fourth PreHistoric Animals album, ‘Finding Love In Strange Places’, can be described as a dystopic version of the movie Love actually. It’s about people finding love where they least expect it. The country girl finding the love of her life in a female cyber soldier. A couple meet in a bar, get married the same night and sign up for the ultimate proof of love program. Employee number 10 is about to blow up the whole factory when she falls in love with number 4. These are only a few of the included love stories. A dark 80’s vibe with de-tuned heavy riffs has been added musically. But if you’re a fan you will still hear the playful melodies, the complicated but still groovy rythms and the very unique sound from the earlier albums.

Artist: PreHistoric Animals
Title: Finding Love In Strange Places
Format: CD, Vinyl, Digital, Streaming, Boxset
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: Sweden
Label: PreHistoric Music Sweden
Promotion by Bad Dog Promotions