The Rise of Medici [Special Edition]

A true prog work of art is in store for us from Imaginaerium. Under the auspices of Clive Nolan (Pendragon, Arena) and Eric Bouillette (Nine Skies, Solace Supplice), who are also members of the band, you can look forward to a musically accompanied Ear book. Refreshingly different to approach things this way for once.

It’s about Cosimo and Contessina De’ Medici, who were responsible for the rise in culture and education in and around their hometown of Florence. Their lives were far more complicated and complex than this album can reflect. Therefore, Imaginaerium offers only a small but important part of their dramatic place in history.

It sounds exciting and we are looking forward to it! Available is a special limited edition 28-page hand-numbered hardcover audiobook with bonus CD. The release date is 30 September 2022.

Pre-order now: by 21 August, with your name in the booklet!

Clive Nolan: composition, arrangements, lyrics, keyboards, drum recording, vocals – Rinaldo
Eric Bouillette: composition, arrangements, guitars, keyboards, mandolin, violin
Laura Piazzai: vocals – Contessina
Andy Sears: vocals – Cosimo
Elena Vladyuk: vocals – Lucrezia
Mark Spencer: vocals – Monks
Scott Higham: drums
Bernard Hery: bass
Isabella Cambini: harp

Composed by Eric Bouillette & Clive Nolan, Lyrics : Clive Nolan, Karl, Groom: drum set up and editing, Mix & mastering : Alexandre Lamia, Artwork © Steve Anderson, Cover painting by Kim Ouzo