Profile: Daniel Eggenberger

Member since: 2022

Position: News Editor

Tasks: News, Articles

Favourite bands: Saga

Favourite artists:

Favourite genre: Retroprog

Favourite food: Indian Curry

Hobbys: Making music, organizing events, writing news

Bio: My name is Daniel Eggenberger, I am a 48 year old musician (with the Swiss band Cosmos, among others). I am co-founder of the Swiss prog platform Proggies and also briefly participated in Progsol, the Swiss music festival. My musical horizon ranges from classic prog rock to jazz/fusion, new art rock, alternative, post-rock, pop, singer/songwriter, electric and Celtic folk music. music to Celtic folklore and ambience. I came to ProgRock rather by chance. I saw Saga on TV around 1983 and I liked what I heard, so from then on I indulged my love for somewhat sophisticated music. It also awakened my interest in keyboards, especially in symphonic sound, analogue key arsenal etc. Moreover, Saga are still one of my favourite bands in 2022. Since the mid-nineties I have been constantly discovering new bands, sounds and styles.

My 5 favourite prog albums: Crucible – Tall Tales Genesis – Seconds Out Saga – Heads Or Tales Grey Lady Down – The Time Of Our Lives A.C.T – Imaginary Friends 5

Favourite prog songs Yes – Ritual Genesis – Firth Of Fifth Saga – Images Kansas – Song For America Pink Floyd – Sheep

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