cHoclat FRoG – On Detour to Shortcut
No shortcut is too complicated!

Bad Camberg has become a little more culturally interesting again. Because there’s something new from Ludwig & Ludwig aka cHoclat FRoG. The experimental progressive rock band are back with their latest album “On Detour to Shortcut” and are giving their fans a worthy successor to their debut album „Snapshot“.

The duo have always been unconventional, but you still get the impression that they have matured a little musically. The new material sounds more coherent, which allows the sometimes complex arrangements of the songs to come into their own.
Time and again, the band surprises with dynamically developing instrumental textures. So there is no trace of tediousness – and certainly no boredom.

cHoclat FRoG deliberately do not aim to please every listener and skilfully and uninhibitedly make use of various musical drawers. The album is definitely at home in the world of rock, but offers beautiful trips into avant-garde art rock realms with touches of funky psychedelic compositions. A creativity that some big players from the “progressive rock” genre unfortunately seem to have lost.

The progressive duo also shows great enthusiasm in the performance and production of the new longplayer. That is true FroG-Rock.

Playing tips: „Pollock“, „On Detour to Shortcut“, „Spaceloop“


1. Spaceloop
2. Bomb Alert
3. This Is My Wife
4. Pollock
5. Sound By Instructions
6. Pulp Stalking
7. On Detour To Shortcut
8. Reboot

Personnel: „On Detour to Shortcut“

Rainer Ludwig – Gesang, Schlagzeug, Percussion, Keyboards, E-Gitarre, FX/Programming
Tim Ludwig – E-Bass, E-Gitarre, Programming, Backing/Ad. Vocals

Uwe Grunert – E-Gitarre (2. Gitarrensolo in „Pollock“)
Dietmar “Musi” Appel – E-Gitarre (5. Gitarrensolo „Pollock“)
Christof Engel – zusätzliche Komposition bei „Pollock“ (Bass-Linie und Akkordprogressionen)

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